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Are we judged by the company we keep?

Growing up, I remember my mom telling me to pick my friends wisely because I would be judged based on who they were perceived to be.  “Good” kids versus troublemakers. Jocks versus stoners. Smart kids versus slackers.  We were lumped together as a group with our friends.

I have to admit not giving much thought to whether I was judged based on who I associated with outside of high school.  As I went to college and then onto a career in meetings and events, I gravitated to people who matched my values and interests. 

Now I am an entrepreneur in the online space.  My universe has far expanded beyond my gravitational point. 

I was recently faced with an uncomfortable situation.  It was brought to my attention that someone I had interviewed as part of “Because I Can”, my speaker series of (and for) powerful women, didn’t share my values.  What does one do in this situation?

I was able to verify that social media posts were made that were very much inflammatory and insulting, not to mention contrary to the values that I, and Rebel on the Go, espouse.  I made the decision to remove her from the series.   

The answer to “are we judged by the company we keep” is yes, we still are.  Even as adults in the real world.  And we have to be prepared to possibly defend ourselves and our businesses if the need arises. 

But the deeper question is what does that mean for a business owner – whether a brick-and-mortar store or an online entrepreneur?

I sell a service – whether transformational travel advice or strength-based performance coaching.  I am the advisor, coach, mentor, teacher, influencer.  I am my Rebel on the Go brand.  What my values are – what I stand for – means something to those who want (and don’t want) to work with me.

I need to make sure that I put forth Vision and Value Statements that are crystal clear.  That the foundational stories I share embody who I am and why I founded Rebel on the Go.  They either attract or repel potential clients.  (Repelling is just as important as attracting.  We are, after all, wanting to work with our ideal clients.)

Of equal importance is making sure whoever enters my universe acknowledges that they know what I stand for and they are okay with it.  Whether someone I hire to work for me (employee or contractor); suppliers I promote; or speakers I interview. 

I’m spending time as 2020 draws to a close making sure my values, vision and goals are all in alignment.  This will also help me hit the ground running in 2021 – avoiding judgment and opening up to growth and abundance.

Wendy is a Co-Founder and Mindset Mentor of Kinship Travel Academy, the Owner/Founder of Rebel on the Go Travel, as well as a  Certified Story Life Coach. She is on a mission to create radical, transformational travel experiences for other kick-ass women. Wendy combines her coaching into her travel business to encourage women in all aspects of their lives the they are capable and courageous and helps them step out of their comfort zone to learn to write their own stories. 

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