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Travel Biz CEO: Be A Wartime CEO

A Wartime CEO – what the heck are you talking about?

When Krystal first pitched this idea for an episode of Travel Biz CEO, Wendy was a little skeptical. What the heck was she even talking about?

Krystal argues that, currently, travel advisors are operating in wartime conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic requires that we approach our businesses differently than we did in normal/peace times. And while Ashley, a former military intelligence officer, quickly was able to get on board with this idea – what does it mean to operate your business in wartime versus peacetime? And do you have what it takes to make the transition?

For a copy of the transcript click here.

Meet your podcast hosts:

Ashley, Krystal, and Wendy are the founders of Kinship Travel Academy and hosts of Travel Biz CEO. What started as a little bit of fun to help educate fellow colleagues in the travel industry, quickly morphed into a passion. Through their educational community of Kinship Travel Academy, Ashley, Krystal, and Wendy encourage entrepreneurs to embrace the role of CEO in their business by learning to balance their marketing, business systems, and mindset. You can learn more about them and their program at

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