Header: What Travel Advisors Should do Before Running Facebook Ads

Travel Biz CEO: What Travel Advisors Should Do BEFORE Running Facebook Ads

A big buzz in the past few years amongst travel advisors was that you MUST be doing facebook ads. Facebook Ads are the way to go! Especially in this era of COVID and digital marketing.   First of all always be leary of the “shoulds” and “musts” in your business. What that often translates to is […]

Travel Biz CEO Podcast: Part 3: Bringing on Independent Contractors with Ashley Metesh-McCoy

Welcome back to Travel Biz CEO. This week is the final segment of our 3 part series on bringing on IC’s, or independent contractors, into your travel business.  In Part 1 we were joined by Denise Lorentzen of Dreams Travel Consulting, where we dug into the the path that led Denise to bringing on IC’s. […]

Travel Biz CEO Interview with Stephanie Cannon

Travel Biz CEO: Do You Know Your Finances?

Do you understand your business finances? This week on the Travel Biz CEO Podcast we are excited to welcome Stephanie Cannon. Stephanie is a former CPA turned successful travel advisor and a member of Kinship CEO Membership. When it comes to numbers and data, too many travel advisors stick their head in the sand and […]

Travel Biz CEO: Sales with Glenda Beagle

This week on the Travel Biz CEO podcast we are thrilled to welcome Glenda Beagle from the Art of Selling Travel. You might remember Glenda from our 2020 Virtual Travel Career Summit. Glenda is an industry leader in sales and has helped numerous travel agency owners make the leap from brick and mortar set ups […]

The Silver Bullet

Travel Biz CEO: The Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet   The magic bean. The one thing that you need to do to have instant success in your travel business. Yep, we are going there. What is the silver bullet, the one thing that will make ALL the difference and give you overnight success? It’s the tactics that are constantly sold. If […]

Do you feel balanced in your business?

Balance. Do you have it? Without a doubt 2020 knocked travel advisors off balance unlike ever before. But the fact remains that most advisors before the pandemic didn’t have balance in their business. What do I mean by that? Often when I bring up the idea of “balance” people often think of busy mom’s trying […]

Small, Simple & Successful

  When you hear of success stories in the travel industry, often we are referred to people who earn six figures. It becomes the intangible goal that everyone must work towards: you must strive to make six figures. But is that enough? And do you want to do all of the things it takes to earn […]


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