What we learned launching a podcast


Bonus Episode: What we learned in launching this podcast!

Hey there! In this BONUS episode, Krystal popped in on the podcast to share with you some of the things we learned in launching our Travel Biz CEO Podcast.

First of all, launching anything is tough. You are smack dab in an FFT. You have no idea what you are doing. And the feelings of overwhelm are real. Here are our tips.

1. Create Your Content Calendar

Seems simple enough, right?

Yet how many of you are shooting from the hip, and scrambling week after week to churn out content hours before it is scheduled to go out.

You guys…..stop!

Seriously. we see so many people last minute scrambling to churn out content last minute. This takes you out of your “creative zone” and keeps you locked in to your “assembly line production zone.” And that’s not a fun place to be in.

Creating a content calendar – a simple outline and schedule of what you are going to talk about and then batch creating your content ahead of time will save you from that feeling of anxiety and overwhelm.

That leads us to our next tip…..

2. Don’t be afraid to delay your start

What would happen if you didn’t launch right away?

What if you took the time to slow this process down and work ahead? That way you could launch with some breathing room.

The bottom line: there’s not a lot of room for mediocrity when it comes to content. These days, people won’t waste their time with poorly written and/or executed content.

By taking the time to do things right – from the beginning – gives you a solid foundation to build on. Often, it’s better to delay starting to send out your email newsletter or launching your blog, so that you have the space to create content ahead of time.

3. Hire out things that are outside your “Zone of Genius.”

In the podcast, Krystal talks about how she bought a course on podcasting, and then let it sit in her course repository for a little over a year. Making the decision to hire Lindsay McCargor, whom we found on Upwork,  was one of the single best decisions we could have made at Kinship Travel Academy.

Lindsay, took us out of “ideation” and into “execution.” Having done this for several podcasters, we met a few times to talk about what we wanted for the show, and she executed everything else. When you start something new like a blog or a podcast, you don’t know what you don’t know. Hiring someone that works and lives in this headspace helps you make decisions like where should you host your podcast? Should you include transcripts? How do you write your show notes?

You get the idea.

Finally, we work in an industry where we want to be hired and paid for our expertise, and yet so many travel professionals hesitate to pay others for their expertise. 

We want travelers to give up the DIY mothod of planning travel, and yet too many of us are trying to DIY our businesses.

No more!

Don’t be afraid to delegate and outsource tasks that don’t play to your strengths. Period.


Finally, a big THANK YOU to all of our listeners. This first season was a TON of fun to produce. We cannot wait to come back in June for Season 2. Until then, keep kicking ass in your travel businesses. We will see you next season on Travel Biz CEO.

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