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Do Nothing vs Do Something

As an entrepreneur we always feel the pull to do something. It’s a nagging feeling often leftover from our days as an employee.

The problem is that when we end up feeling like we are not doing enough, we end up self-depreciating, feeling like we let ourselves down, or let other people down.

There is nothing like a year where we don’t turn a profit to make us feel like we are not doing enough.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how it’s human nature to in our moments of anxiety add chaos to chaos. If we would just add more people to our list, or if we could just post on social media more, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

By nature, 2020 has been full of uncertainty which has been anxiety inducing. In anxiety, I’m the Queen of Over-functioning. I went all in on creating KTA with Ashley and Wendy. I went all in for my clients hunting down refunds. I went all in on marketing consulting on the side.

I was also home schooling, parenting a two year old, trying to keep up on the news cycles around social injustice and politics, and working to support a spouse who was anxious about losing his job in the oil and gas industry.

And sometime at the end of October I crashed and burned.

Should you have a strategy for your business? Yes.

Should you systemize your business when/where you can? Yes.

Should you work on your business to make it better? Yes.

Should you take a break/vacation from your business to avoid burnout? Yes.

Taking breaks in our business allows you the opportunity to return refreshed and collected. That opens the space for more creativity and clarity on how to move forward.

I know this and I struggle with it’s conception constantly.
I’ve been reading Glennon Doyle’s Untamed, and she writes about her root belief on resting that had been programmed in her: “Resting is laziness, and laziness is disrespect. Worthiness and goodness are earned with hustle.”


When I read that I instantly knew that I, too, had been programmed with the same idea.

If I’m resting something somewhere is not getting done. I’m dropping the ball. I’m letting someone else down. And the only person left to pay the price after the fact is me.

Also, whoa. 

And while I don’t prescribe to the idea of hustle, I also don’t believe that you can mantra or meditate your way to success. You need to work hard to get what you want. The belief that you can, and the ability to envision what you want, has to be put into partnership with intentional action.

When I said this during a call with Ashley, she looked right at me and called bullshit.  Then she asked me to turn the tables. She said, “Krystal, what would you say if it were me? If I were in your shoes, what would you be telling me.”

Damnit. That just makes too much sense.

So I have been actively speaking the mantra remedy that Glennon prescribes for herself: “Hard work is important. So are play and nonproductively. My worth is tied not to my productivity, but to my existence. I am worthy of rest.”

So this holiday season I have a prescription for you: Do nothing. 

When faced with the choice of needing to do something to make you feel like you are being productive and successful, lean in to play. Lean in to grace. Lean in to the opportunity to not have to run hurdles around all the crazy family personalities because we can’t see them anyway. Lean into doing a little bit of nothing.

Your psyche, health and overall self will thank you later for it.

Krystal Eicher is one of the Co-Founders and the Marketing Guru of Kinship Travel Academy, the Owner/Founder of Serendipitous Traveler, the self proclaimed Girlfriend Getaway Guru, and the marketing strategist for Kinship Vacations. Krystal coaches other agents on finding their ideal client, setting up their content calendars, and actually having a marketing strategy in their travel business versus taking random business by default. She is a yogi (that should do more yoga), coffee addict, and travel junkie.  She lives in North Houston with her hubby and two daughters.



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