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How Niching Can Save Your Sanity

You’ve probably heard a million times that the “riches are in the niches”. It’s true! You usually hear about this from a marketing strategy standpoint rather than a business operational standpoint. I want to make the argument that niching is crucially important for your business operations and therefore, your sanity as well. Stay with me…

Just as it is in marketing, niching allows you to be ultra-clear in your messaging via social media, your website, and all other communication opportunities with leads and clients. By niching you can deliberately communicate to (and only to) your ideal clients. Rather than trying to address the pain points of every Tom, Dick, or Sally in the world, you are addressing the pain points of Sally, and only Sally. Doesn’t that make your life easier? You can spend all your time getting to know Sally and what makes her tick, so that every time you blog, post on social media, create a lead magnet, etc. you are talking directly to Sally. What’s even better? Sally HEARS you! When you try to talk to Tom, Dick, and Sally – no one HEARS you. You become more white noise. 

Now that I’ve reinforced the marketing side of things, let’s swing back over to the business operations side.

When you niche, you can also better personalize your client care process from your trip planning form to your client’s travel documents. 

For example, if you specialize in accessible travel planning, you can gather some very specific information on your trip planning form about your client’s mobility needs saving you time asking these questions and qualifying a client during your initial consultation. 

Another example is if you specialize in destination weddings for adventure seekers, you can create a series of template emails that automatically go out to your clients and their wedding guest to prepare them for the adventurous destination wedding (Think: how to pack for a mountain-top wedding, etc). 

Just one more example…perhaps you specialize in transformative retreats for middle-aged women…your travel documents that you mail out could include special items like yoga mat cleaner or sustainable / reusable water bottles. (These items can be purchased in bulk to save money or can be branded.) 

The common theme among these examples is that you are saving time (and also money) by simplifying your client touch points and re-using / repurposing your communication efforts. What’s even cooler is that you will have customized these touch points enough to your ideal client that they’ll not even notice that they’ve been reused. They’ll continue to think you are talking directly to them. *This is the magic of working with a travel advisor rather than an OTA*.

You can’t necessarily create this level of systemized, yet personalized client care process if you haven’t niched down enough. Attempting to do this to a wide audience with disparate pain points will make your touch points appear generic and impersonal. 

So, to bring it full circle and explain how this is good for your sanity…while this can take some upfront work, it’ll pay off dividends in the long run. Once you’ve set up these processes, you can forget them and wow your clients while you sleep! This will allow you to focus on the parts of your business that are in your “zone of genius”, which will inevitably allow you to focus on the non-business parts of your life that mean the most to you. 

That sounds pretty sane to me! 

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