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Know Your Why: Know the Strategy

Oftentimes as entrepreneurs we are told all of the things we *should* be doing.

You *should* be posting on social media (daily, on all platforms, don’t forget stories!)

You *should* be emailing your audience weekly.

You *should* be blogging/vlogging/running FB lives.

You *should* be running Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are the future.

You *should* etc, etc, etc.

But we don’t really ever talk about why we *should* do those things. Nor do we talk about how they all work together. Or how we can streamline things to build upon them strategically.

I always ask KTA members to think about this question: “What is the strategy here?”

In KTA this month we are focusing on strategy. Whether it’s finishing up your Annual Strategic Planning for your business, or creating your Marketing Strategy, you have to know what your left and right limits are, what the plan is, so that you can make the most of your time and money.

Yet, I see so many entrepreneurs wanting to skip this step and jump on products to make their lives easier (like buying social media packages or using their consortia’s marketing) without really understanding if it 1.) Resonates with their ideal client, or 2.) What the point is/does it fit in with their strategy?

Even more annoying, oftentimes it doesn’t resonate with their ideal client and it doesn’t fit into the overall strategy, but it just feels good to do something instead of nothing.

Knowing who you want to serve and why you want to serve them is the first step of your marketing strategy. Period. If you don’t have this foundation in place, you make every subsequent action unnecessarily harder.

It’s here that I have to channel the brilliant Seth Godin:

“Everything gets easier when you walk away from the hubris of everyone. Your work is not for everyone. It’s only for those who signed up for the journey”

You have to tap into your “why.” Why are you marketing and to whom. That gives you clarity to all your *shoulds* because if you know who you are talking to you know what to say. You know what channel to use. You know what the plan should be.

Then when you need to create original content to send to your email list, it makes it easy to send it out every week, because you know that it resonates with your audience.

You know their pain points, so you know what to post about in social media. You also know that repetition is key so you repurpose your original content from your blog/vlog/podcast to continue the conversation on your social media channels.

You also know that running ads to this content is an accelerant. Not a free pass. So if your content doesn’t resonate, or doesn’t speak to someone specific, you are gambling with your ad buys *hoping* that it reaches the right people. Some of the time.

Creating a strategy forces a focus. It allows you to have clarity on where you are going and what you need to do along the way. It helps you brainstorm effective content, brings your business into alignment, and gives you direction for the year. That’s your why, and if you have an effective why you don’t feel resentful when you show up in your business. You feel inspired. And when you show up inspired, the rest falls into place.

So tell me, have you created a Marketing Strategy for your business? Let’s continue the conversation in our Travel Advisor Training and Mentorship Facebook Group.


Krystal Eicher is one of the Co-Founders and the Marketing Guru of Kinship Travel Academy, the Owner/Founder of Serendipitous Traveler, the self proclaimed Girlfriend Getaway Guru, and the marketing strategist for Kinship Vacations. Krystal coaches other agents on finding their ideal client, setting up their content calendars, and actually having a marketing strategy in their travel business versus taking random business by default. She is a yogi (that should do more yoga), coffee addict, and travel junkie.  She lives in North Houston with her hubby and two daughters.



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