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Let’s Talk Clubhouse

Okay. It’s here. Let’s talk about it.

Clubhouse is the hottest new social media trend. It’s created serious FOMO by its invitation only admission practices, and agents everywhere are clamoring for an invitation to get a seat at the table.

But what is it? And should you be on it?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new social media app that is currently only available on Apple products. It’s an audio only platform that allows you to Host rooms on various topics and invite people up on the stage to speak. When you enter the room as a listener, you enter in “listen only” mode, and can only speak if you raise your hand and are invited up by one of the moderators.

Topics range from online business tips to movie reviews to lifestyle topics.

I like to equate it to a two way podcast. You can listen and learn a variety of topics from a variety of people. Some rooms are good. Some are bad. But unlike a podcast, the information isn’t saved anywhere. And you have the opportunity to engage with speakers (or your audience depending on which side you are on) and have a two way conversation.

Let’s get to it – is this a good platforms for Travel Advisors?

So let’s get right to it – should you be on Clubhouse? Is it even worth your time?

The short answer – Yes, for some of you.

Clubhouse has a lot of potential as the platform grows. And like most new social media platforms, it always pays to be an early adopter; however, like with any social media, you need to know your strategy on the platform.

Who is Clubhouse NOT for?
  • Advisors that struggle to carry a conversation.
  • Advisors looking to make immediate bookings/sales.
  • Advisors that don’t have a focused niche, or are still hanging out as a TA for all or a generalist booking agent.
So who can it help?
  • Advisors that have the ability to host and moderate a room with authority. There’s nothing worse than dead air. You need to be able to go in with enough material to keep the conversation moving.
  • Advisors with a strategy so that they are using the platform to their advantage and not just becoming passive users of the platform.
  • Advisors looking to cultivate a new network to grow their list and bring more people into their world

To help you get started on the platform we created a Clubhouse 101 cheat sheet to help you get started! You can grab yours here.

We are going to continue this conversation in our Travel Agent Training and Mentorship Facebook Group. We are going to be diving more into strategy and tips for the platform. Join us there and tell us: Are you on Clubhouse? What do you think so far?

Krystal Eicher is one of the Co-Founders and the Marketing Guru of Kinship Travel Academy, the Owner/Founder of Serendipitous Traveler, the self proclaimed Girlfriend Getaway Guru, and the marketing strategist for Kinship Vacations. Krystal coaches other agents on finding their ideal client, setting up their content calendars, and actually having a marketing strategy in their travel business versus taking random business by default. She is a yogi (that should do more yoga), coffee addict, and travel junkie.  She lives in North Houston with her hubby and two daughters.



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