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New Year’s Resolutions – My Word and Motivation for 2021

Did you set a New Year’s Resolution?  Pick a word of the year?  Set intentions?  Maybe create mantras?

For your personal life?  Professional? Or both?

How’s it going for you so far in 2021?

Statistics show that by the end of January, for the majority of people, resolutions, words, mantras, and intentions are already forgotten.  Why? Because these are tools that when used together, and with intention, can help you create your vision and your purpose.   But not necessarily your mission – the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.

WHAT = Values + Strengths

WHY = Purpose

HOW = Mission + Goals

Let me share with you how I am beating the statistics.

I selected a word – BELONGING – that will remain my word until it serves me to change it.  I selected it after careful reflection of my values and strengths (my WHAT) and revising my purpose (my WHY) which combines personal and professional for me.  Then I answer questions, including the key, “does it move my business forward?” (my HOW).

I don’t think in 365-day chunks of time.

What moves my business forward in January, may not work in May or September.  I am much more successful with long-term visions of 3 to 5 years and short-term goals of 90 days.  2020 really reinforced that for me!  My mission needs to be flexible enough to bend when needed.  This enabled me to guide my mindset when I pivoted from travel to coaching in March of 2020.

For short-term goals, I focus on what I need to do to move my business forward:

  • I select five goals (only five) so I can give each one maximum attention (I even assign each a day of the week).
  • Each goal has five to six tasks. The tasks change as needed until the goal is completed.  While I add tasks, I do not add goals until all five have been completed.  I review at the start of each week.

It’s all about “moving my business forward.”  This is my primary motivation and focus.

I could forget about the word “belonging”, but by intentionally asking myself “will this move my business forward”, I remain on my path to success.

Does the path ever veer?  You betcha.  This framework allows my focus to bend without breaking.  I review each quarter to see what I’ve accomplished and what needs to be updated.

Wendy is a Co-Founder and Mindset Mentor of Kinship Travel Academy, the Owner/Founder of Rebel on the Go Travel, as well as a  Certified Story Life Coach. She is on a mission to create radical, transformational travel experiences for other kick-ass women. Wendy combines her coaching into her travel business to encourage women in all aspects of their lives the they are capable and courageous and helps them step out of their comfort zone to learn to write their own stories. 

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