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Travel Biz CEO: Sales with Glenda Beagle

This week on the Travel Biz CEO podcast we are thrilled to welcome Glenda Beagle from the Art of Selling Travel.

You might remember Glenda from our 2020 Virtual Travel Career Summit. Glenda is an industry leader in sales and has helped numerous travel agency owners make the leap from brick and mortar set ups to at-home, digital entrepreneurs.

From an early age she learned how to leverage her competitive nature to hit her sales goals.

Glenda knows that it’s wasn’t about selling for the sake of selling – and often that is what intimidates people into making sales. Sales is about listening so intently to your client that they get what they need, not just what they want.

To put it simply, sales is getting something for something else. Whether it is money for a service or a product – sales is attention for the outcome you want.

Glenda teaches a 12 week coaching program for travel agents called the Travel Sales Authority. You can learn more about her and her program at

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