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Small, Simple & Successful


When you hear of success stories in the travel industry, often we are referred to people who earn six figures.

It becomes the intangible goal that everyone must work towards: you must strive to make six figures.

But is that enough? And do you want to do all of the things it takes to earn a six figure income as an entrepreneur?

What does it take to earn six figures?

In this week’s episode, we dive into asking just these questions.

For most travel entrepreneurs this is a second, third, or fourth career. Or for others this is a second job.

But the last thing any entrepreneur needs to believe is that they are less than, or unsuccessful because they aren’t hitting or have no desire to hit a six figure earning earmark.

It is possible to be small, simple, AND successful.

It is possible to have a small travel business that earns $20k-$30k a year that supplements your family income, or funds your own travel. It doesn’t make you less of an expert or less of a professional.

It does mean you are running your business by your own design and by your own definition of success. 

And that level of self awareness and empowerment is about as successful as you can get.


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