Stages of Corona-Grief as a Travel Advisor
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Stages of Corona-Grief as a Travel Advisor

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a trying time for everyone. From people forced to stay confined to their homes, to struggling with illness, to being unable to work or losing their jobs. As a travel advisor I know just how difficult of a time it is for business. No one’s traveling, no one’s booking travel for the future in the uncertainty of how long this could last, and we’re just trying to ride it out. Here are the stages of corona-grief as a travel advisor.


Postpone! Don’t cancel! We’ll be back up and running in a monthThis is overblown. The media over exaggerates. It’s not that bad. #travelon


WTF?! I have to cancel ANOTHER booking?! I’m making NO money this year!? This sucks! Suppliers suck. They are cheating me. And they won’t pay out my commissions?! I have to cancel my own trip now! UGH!


Oh my goodness. I’m not going to make any money this year. Should I close my business down? What do I do next? Why am I doing this? Where’s the ice cream?


I need to switch my host agency. I need to shuffle all of my marketing. I need to rewrite all of my copy. I need to do this. Start a podcast. A vlog. Diversify. Sell free bundled offers.

Do. Do. Do. 

Work. Work. Work. 

Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. 

Look at all these great deals!


Listen up people -travel is not going completely back to normal this year. We are going to hibernate a little bit. We are going to camly evaluate and assess.

We will continue to advise our clients to the best of our abilities. We will advocate for refunds and rebookings on a case by case basis. We will be honest with our clients. We will not make unnecessary bookings just for the sake of putting things on the books.

We will be optimistic about the future of travel, while at the same time asking appropriate questions as advocates for our clients. We will be transparent with our cancellation policies and the changing travel requirements. We will practice rebooking in the same manner that we practice sustainability. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

We will keep plugging away with our marketing, but will give ourselves grace as we juggle quarantine, homeschooling, the start of summer, and navigate the loss of income. We will lean on our travel community for support and help and guidance when necessary. We will raise each other up. We will cheer each other on. We will finally catch up on bookkeeping. We will take a few more walks. We will binge a little more TV. We will look up from our computers at our beautiful homes and family that we are surrounded by. And when this is all over we will hopefully hang on to a little bit of this as a habit going forward. Then we are going to breathe and take it one day at a time. Just doing the next right thing.

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