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Strategic Annual Planning: Why Do It?

This month in Kinship Travel Academy, we’re conducting a Strategic Annual Planning Workshop. In the workshop, we’re going to take our “Big Hairy Dreams” and break them down into a measurable, actionable plan to implement now and in the next XX years it will take to achieve that. 

Why would we do something like this? 

First, it’s important to put out in the universe, with a pen, and paper our “Big Hairy Dreams”. I don’t adhere to the idea that you keep your dreams to yourself. I believe if you set your intention to writing or at least, verbalize it, you get one step closer to making that dream happen. If you keep it secret, there is less accountability to yourself. 

Second, we need to establish goals and benchmarks with realistic timelines to achieve our “Big Hairy Dreams”. One cannot usually go from zero to millions in a short period of time – it often takes baby steps. Setting the intention of taking deliberate baby steps to achieve our dreams is a very powerful exercise in making those dreams seem less “hairy” and more achievable.

Third, without strategy, our everyday actions are aimless and are most likely a waste of time and energy. You can run Facebook ads and plan trips for people and write blogs until you’re blue in the face, but if your actions are not aligned with your ultimate goal, you’re like a fast driver with nowhere to go. You’ll either run out of gas or crash before you find the finish line. 

As we come to a close in this disaster of a year (thanks, 2020), let’s reset our minds and remind ourselves why we are in this business. Let’s dream and put together a plan to make that dream a reality. Let’s commit to running our business in a deliberate manner rather than a reactive manner. 

Not a member of KTA but still want in on our Strategic Annual Planning Workshop? We got you covered! Get access to the course here. 

Let’s make 2021 waaaaaay better than 2020 – even though we know it’s a pretty low bar. 😉

Ashley Metesh-McCoy is a co-founder of KTA Membership and the founder of Kinship Vacations, an independent host agency that helps train and mentor new agents in the industry. She is the also the creator of an independent education program for travel advisors that led her to win the 2019 ASTA Entrepreneur of the Year.  Ashley has been coaching fellow agents for several years now, sharing her expertise in business operations, streamlining successful client care systems, and financial tracking tools.  She lives in Carmel, CA w/ her hunky Army husband that she met while in service in Afghanistan, her two precoscious daughters, and a pack of fur babies. 

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