The Silver Bullet
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Travel Biz CEO: The Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet


The magic bean. The one thing that you need to do to have instant success in your travel business.

Yep, we are going there.

What is the silver bullet, the one thing that will make ALL the difference and give you overnight success?

It’s the tactics that are constantly sold. If you JUST did this ONE thing, you will be successful.

Well, we hate to break it to you. That ONE thing doesn’t exist.

From an operations standpoint, there are a LOT of great tools and tactics that you can incorporate into your business to streamline things and make your back end run smoother. But those things are different for every entrepreneur.

From a mindset standpoint, there are little things you can do and incorporate into your routine to make your business run smoother, but we’d never go so far as to call them a silver bullet. They are constant works in progress.

For example, working on your confidence will help you as an entrepreneur. As will working to find your purpose. But these are not check marks on a list – that once you find your confidence you are done and never have to work on it again. Confidence and purpose are evolving practices that an entrepreneur must work on.

In marketing, silver bullet tactics are constantly being advertised. If you used this social media product or tactic, you will be successful. And that’s just not how this works.

And the main problem is that we are starting at the end. We are starting at the sale and the product and the destination. The most useful thing a travel advisor can do is take a step back and start at the beginning.

Who is your PERSON?

P- What is their problem?

E- What is their ecosystem? What blogs do they read? Where do they hang on social media?

R- What is their residence? Their demographics? Where do they live? Who do they live with?

S – What is their status? What do they prioritize? How does that make them feel?

O – What offers are they interested in? What are they willing to spend money on? What do they buy?

N – What other nuances can you look at? What is their personality? What do they value? What do they enjoy?

From that point on all marketing should serve to speak to and answer the questions and concerns of your PERSON.

And all of this happens in a business ecosystem. You work your business systems, marketing strategies, and mindset in concert with one another.

There are just a few certainties that you can count on:

  • You will need to build resiliencies.
  • You need to be willing to try new things.
  • You must always be testing.
  • You will fail.
  • You will need to try again.


That’s why at Kinship Travel Academy we teach members our best practices in mindset, marketing, and business operations for travel advisors to try and build into their business with a community to support you and back you up. You can learn more about Kinship CEO Membership and our program here.

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