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Travel Biz CEO: Legal questions with Glinnesa Gailliard

This week Travel Biz CEO was thrilled to welcome Glinnesa Gaillard to the podcast

Glinnesa brings her wisdom as a Travel Business Owner and a licensed attorney, where she combines her passions for both and teaches other travel entrepreneurs how to set themselves up as business owners so they can enjoy long term success. 

In this episode we cover:

What you need to get started in the travel industry. Who is on your squad?

There are a lot of things you need to know and do before you open your doors for business. Pulling together your squad of your accountant, lawyer, web designer, branding manager, and insurance agent helps to make sure you are starting off with all the professional necessities in place to protect yourself and your business. 

Contracts – read ‘em, love ‘em, and get your lawyer to review ‘em!

Contracts set the tone for the expectations both parties have with your business relationship. And your contracts need to go both ways – not just between you and your travel clients, but also between you and your B2B relationships behind the scenes. Your contracts protect both parties to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.  

Did COVID Change the way we do business?

Yes. Yes it did. Mostly it gave travel advisors the opportunity to shore up their systems and get their business and legal foundations put into place. COVID really shone a light on the fact that many advisors had very very minimal understandings of their contracts and what they and their clients were entitled to. That needs to change.  

What if you can’t afford a lawyer?

Ummmm….can you afford to get sued? Bottom line – when you are a business owner, you can’t afford not to. Otherwise, it’s time to rethink your role as an entrepreneur. 

We were so grateful to Glinessa for coming on the Travel Biz CEO podcast. She is a total baddass entrepreneur and we are thrilled to have her share her wisdom.

Meet Glinnesa!

travel agent legal expert Glinnesa GaillardHello…I’m Glinnesa. Owner of The Gailliard Law Firm. My firm is dedicated to creating practical and affordable solutions for small business owners, solopreneurs, content creators, and travel advisors. As an attorney, I understand the principles needed to guide your business toward success. My work in corporate and travel law is where I’ve led business owners such as yourself toward building their dream business. 

My offerings are two-fold: Not only do I provide my clients legal advice and counsel, they also have the benefit of my experience as a business coach & strategist. I partner with my clients to assess their efficiencies and find the talents and tools they can build upon. Every quality business, whether small or large, has a secure foundation. Without sturdiness and support, a company will likely fail. My experience and knowledge will create this foundation with you, setting the groundwork for a resilient, fruitful business.

As your business attorney and coach, I will work with you to file all necessary papers for the formation of your business; perform contract drafting and negotiations; prepare and enforce your terms and conditions; and file and implement trademarks and copyrights. As yoru business coach, we will look at how efficient your business is running; what systems are needed for you to maximize your time and secure your brand…then we will marry the legal and the systems to help you build and grow a successful business. 

For my travel agents & advisors, my knowledge of both business and travel law gives me a unique insight into the challenges you face. My services not only include helping to establish your travel business, but also advice and direction on compliance issues unique to travel agents and agencies.

You can find Glinnesa and all her brands at

You can find her templates from Travel Esquired here.

For legal services visit her here at Gailliard Pecharo LLP. 

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