Travel Biz CEO: Purpose Driven Profits

Last week we hosted our Purpose Driven Profits workshop with KTA members and have already received awesome feedback.

So what are Purpose Driven Profits?

When you are languishing in your business (and really – who isn’t languishing even just a little in the travel industry right now?) it’s more important than ever to dig into your purpose and your why.

Because passion can only take you so far.

We are all passionate about travel, but if you’ve been in our world for more than five minutes, you’ve heard us say it before: the love of travel isn’t enough to make it in this business. You HAVE to have the appropriate business foundations, marketing strategies and a healthy mindset to back it all up.

The healthy mindset piece – that’s where your purpose comes in.

It is your purpose that gives you the resilience and grit needed to weather the storm and keep showing up. And, unlike passion, it’s tangible. And if done correctly, it can serve as a guidepost and a roadmap to help you navigate turbulant times.

Still don’t get it? Let me bust out this metaphor for you:

When you are traveling to an awesome destination, do you really love the 12 hour long haul flight? Or is it something you endure to get there?

No one LOVES to spend the time and money on the flight. But it’s a means to an end. You do it so you can get to the final destination.

Your purpose – it’s the final destination.

The flight – it’s the thing you spend time and money on to get there. If you are smart, you do what you can to make the flight more comfortable. You prep ahead of time. Some pay for upgrades. You bring things along to make the journey more comfortable.

And some of you are going out of your way to NOT listen to other people, and your travel time is a little more miserable – especially those trying to go it alone.

Ok. ok. I’m FEELING the eye rolls at this point. I’ll lay down the metaphor. But you get my point, right?

Digging into your purpose is the only way you are going to recalibrate and get through these languishing moments.

So tell us – what is your purpose? What gets you up at the end of the day in your business? Let’s continue the conversation in TATM.



Transcript of today’s show below:

Wendy Guth 0:00
It is really an incredibly tough time. As human beings. It’s not even as entrepreneurs, it’s not even just as travel advisors. But as human beings, you know, the things that we crave control, certainty, are things are just things that just aren’t here right now. And the word lang… I think the word languish may end up being the word of 2021 because it’s not just feeling stuck. It’s also feeling when you are moving, you’re just spinning your wheels.

Krystal Eicher 0:38
Hey, travel advisors, you are listening to the Travel Biz CEO podcast by Kinship Travel Academy. It’s not enough to just love travel, you need to have the appropriate business system, marketing strategies and mindset tuneups and coaching to make it in this business and step into the role of CEO. That’s why we focus on all three. We are Wendy, Ashley and Krystal, your host of Travel Biz CEO and the founders of Kinship Travel Academy. We are three travel advisors that saw a glaring need in the travel industry, the need to look at the full advisor. Through our own travel business journeys we all joined communities and signed up for courses and masterminds to help push us to the next level. And all of them ended up falling short of our expectations. That’s why we started Kinship Travel Academy, where we focus on the mind, body and soul for the marketing, business operations and mindset of the travel advisor. It’s a program for modern travel advisors created by modern travel advisors. Welcome to the next chapter of the travel industry.

Welcome back Travel Biz CEO listeners. I am Krystal, the marketing guru, expert, coach, whatever you want to call it. I’m joined today by Wendy. It’s Wendy Krystal time.

Wendy Guth 2:10
Yes. Yeah. Actually we do miss Ashley, terribly always. This is fun. I don’t think we’ve had the chance to just chit chat, well while we never chitchat on the mic.

Krystal Eicher 2:23
On the mic.

Wendy Guth 2:24
I’m Wendy Guth, co founder of Kinship Travel Academy, founder of Rebel On The Go and assorted coaching certifications and stuff like that. Always around a mindset and motivation and goals and all that good stuff.

Krystal Eicher 2:43
We should never be in charge of introducing ourselves ever again.

Wendy Guth 2:47
No, no, because no.

Krystal Eicher 2:51
So today we wanted to pop in and talk about purpose driven profits, but in a larger context. So we did a workshop with our membership this week called purpose driven profits, which, if you’d like to know more about that, you should definitely check out our membership. Specifically, we started talking about this topic because a lot of our community is languishing right now. In fact, a lot of the world is languishing right now, but especially those in the travel industry. I’ve decided that we we have it worse than everybody else. Maybe I’m wrong. It really kind of comes down to the fact that it’s really hard to be a travel advisor right now. It’s really hard to show up. And how do you continue to show up in this industry, in this environment in this world, right now? Wendy has some thoughts on that.

Wendy Guth 3:51
That was a good pass. I like that.

It is really an incredibly tough time. As human beings. It’s not even as entrepreneurs, it’s not even just as travel advisors. But as human beings, you know, the things that we crave: control, certainty. Are things…are just things that just aren’t here right now. I think the word languish may end up being the word of 2021. Because it’s not just feeling stuck. It’s also feeling when you are moving you’re just spinning your wheels. It’s really, really tough. One of the things that I think is really important about all of this, it’s not necessarily to wallow in it, it is to have conversations about it. I don’t think it can be eliminated. But how do we figure out ways to lessen it as much as we can? I always think of there’s mountains, there’s molehills, there’s speed bumps. I like keeping things at the speed bump level. Staying away from mountains and trying to bring everything down to a level we just go over the bump, we keep going, we go over a little bump, keep going. It’s always interesting, purpose driven profits, we…everyone is in business, I think to make a profit. We are, we’re not charities, at least most of us are not. So ultimately, the long term goal is to make profits. What I actually found was interesting that the University of Michigan did a study, they did a 10 year study, those people who had the strongest sense of their own purpose and what they are doing, ultimately, were the people who ended up making more money. Ended up with a greater income. Ended up with higher net worth. The concept of purpose driven profits, is actually a proven thing out there, just to start with.

Krystal Eicher 5:48
Yeah, so we’re not just making it up and this is not some way to build it, they will come moment. And it’s not a money mindset issue. It is if you can dig into your purpose, that’s how you one: turn those mountains into speed bumps. You kind of level things out, and you normalize them by talking about them. You can bring it down to the surface, but then it also can give you that roadmap of where you’re needing to go ultimately.

Wendy Guth 6:14
Exactly because really, you when you think about it, your purpose is very much future driven, very much future driven. And an exercise that I like to do with clients is really, this is gonna sound a little morbid, but is to create your headstone. What is your legacy? What is so important that you will be remembered? And it just kind of spins things in a different perspective

Krystal Eicher 6:41
Well and I think what’s important about that we had our coaching call with our members this week, and it’s a common theme. I’m struggling. I don’t know what I’m doing. We don’t know where we’re going. very frustrated at the moment. Should I sell travel? Should I not sell travel? Should I have an exit plan? What should I be doing in my business right now? What is cool about this concept of purpose driven profits was this was an exercise that I did with you in a private coaching session. I think we decided it was four months ago. I can’t remember how long ago it was. What it did for me was it put into perspective what was important? Where do I want to be? The obituary or the headstone piece is kind of interesting. And it is a little bit morbid, but at the same time, really puts things into perspective. As far as what’s important to me, who relies on me, who do I care about? What legacy do I want to leave behind? Where am I going in this life? And really asking the question is of…is what I’m doing now getting me there?

Wendy Guth 7:48
Oh exactly. Exactly. Exactly. I think that that’s well, and it’s also Hmm, just to put a little twist on that what about is where I’m going the right direction?

Krystal Eicher 8:01
Oh, that’s a really good question, too. Because I think knowing that where you want to be where you want to end up, if where you’re wanting to be is, you know, a beach in Mexico, but you hit the ocean, that’s terrible. You’ve not qualified yourself. It’s like not qualifying your client, like you’ve just gone in completely the wrong direction. Qualifying yourself and qualifying your wants and your needs out of life and realizing that I’m not a bach person, which I’m not. Wendy is, Wendy is our beach person. Wendy keeps saying I think we need to build a cruise ship and everybody come on board. And I just told her and I’m like yes but you forgot that I don’t like the ocean. It’s a hard sell. The concept is good but it’s a hard sell. But knowing that about yourself and knowing about where it is that you want to go, and how you’re going to get there it helps you backwards plan those incremental steps that you need to take in your life, in your business, in all of the things to know exactly how you’re going to get there. It’s how you make the plan. And that’s how you create your certainty. That’s how you create your stability and your security, all those things that we need that we can’t have. It’s gives you the ability to control what you can in this moment when so many feel completely out of our control.

Wendy Guth 9:19
Oh, yeah, that is that is well, it’s very true on a number of points. Right now, it’s just so hard. One of the things that I say is, look ahead, look forward, look down the pike and sometimes it is so difficult to do that. Actually another exercise also can be very powerful is to sit down kind of clear your mind, grab a piece of paper a writing utensil, and think about your perfect day but not necessarily think about it now. What is that perfect day for you like five years down the road? Even 10 years down the road. In all likelihood you’re not thinking oh, I’m waking up to a pandemic or something of that nature. And then to start, what are you feeling? What are you seeing? What are you doing? All those sorts of things and you start to build a repository that allows you to come back and say, What are my values? What is so important to me? Where am I going? It’s always interesting one of the exercises that we do is what we call like the be goes, do goals, action. And then from there, I guess tasks. Most people actually start in the do phase, I want to do this, we are wired to do that. It’s great if you can actually start, what do I want to be, but you can work your way back, you can work your way I want to be a millionaire. Or I know I want to…well, that’s ultimately and that’s a very hedonistic goal. But it did pop into my mind right now. I think maybe we should play the lottery. I think that’s the sign.

Krystal Eicher 10:58
I like it. I like it. Well, just because I want to be a millionaire doesn’t mean I would be hedonistic with my millions of dollars.

Wendy Guth 11:04
Well, I know that about you, because I actually know your values.

Krystal Eicher 11:11
You also know my be goals. That kind of helps too.

Wendy Guth 11:15
I think that one of the things that I find so interesting is to really talk about purpose driven profits, you really have to spend the time and the energy and it is there’s energy involved, to really dig into the purpose piece of it.

Krystal Eicher 11:34
When Wendy and I did this process together how ever many months ago. We were going through this in a workshop this week with members and so many of them got stuck. And I was rattling off mine in the comments and somebody private messaged me and said, Man, you have it all down. And I said no, you don’t understand. These took hours and weeks on pause and weeks of back and forth with Wendy and I to really work through them. So when she said, you know really come up with your be goals. What do you want to be? So I wanted to be a great mother, I wanted to be a loving partner, I wanted to be a community leader, I wanted to be a marketing expert. Now we needed to do attach, you know, what do you do? So you know, like she just said be, do, action tasks, what do we do? So if I want to be a great mother, I’m going to carve out extra time for my kids. I’m going to schedule more walks. Just kind of worked down to start with the macro, and you work down to the micro. And you do this in a lot of aspects of your business or your life. That’s where your purpose comes from. Because I know now my tasks aren’t just tasks, I’m not just going for a walk to go for a walk, I’m going for a walk with the kids tonight, or I’m going to sit down and play this game of mousetrap for the 6 million time, which by the way, is the worst game in the world ever invented because it breaks every single time you play. All kids are obsessed with it. And I’m still mad at my husband for buying it. But I’m going to sit down, I’m going to play this game of mouse trap tonight, not because I’m just checking a box, but because it is attached to the bigger purpose that I have attached to it. Which is I want to be a great mom. It’s the same little things that you’re going to do in your business. Like I’m going to send out my weekly newsletter, well that’s attached to I really want to be a community leader in my industry. And I need to attach to that on a micro level is keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. And it helps give me that motivation to show up in my business and show up in my life in ways that sometimes I don’t want to do.

Wendy Guth 13:41
It’s messy, dirty work. And it’s interesting. I did this, obviously, before you did this. For me my ultimate purpose, amongst other things, but really was to be there. And I had couched it I want to be there for my loved ones. I actually had a bit of a I guess you’d say it was almost like a revelation. That really it even expanded to I want to be there for those in my community as well. That is one of those drivers for me that gets me doing Facebook Lives. Or drivers like you say communicating. But I want to be there I want to show myself as the teacher and as a leader in my work community. It was an interesting, just a little powerful shift that has proven to be quite important for me. I like to say it’s all dirty work. It’s all evolutionary. And you can sit down and come up with and it’s just I guess, seeing how it fits into your your picture into your life. It’s interesting not too long ago, I don’t think I’ve shared this with you. I ultimately am a visual person. And for a while there my life…a number of years ago my life was incredibly chaotic. This is a really funny, I had a picture of a submarine in a hotdog bun. Oh my gosh, it had like bubbles and anyway, it was really a crazy image. But it basically came down to this concept of Aeronautics, what they call Max Q, which is maximum density, that it’s just the perfect, the perfect point at which something either explodes completely, or just takes off in a positive way. I felt that that was my life. So I had this visual, I, that’s hasn’t been my life for quite some time, though, still sort of fits. But anyway, I created another visual this time it’s a river with banks and rocks. And I have my buckets on the rocks in the middle. For me, that’s like, Okay, this is my visual. And this is where I am now. Anyway, I’m not sure why I went off in that strange tangent. But those are also the kinds of tools that can help in trying to find some answers at a time where they aren’t necessarily available.

Krystal Eicher 16:02
What’s hardest about this work is there is a fear when people get started that the answer that they come to might not be what they wanted to hear. I think we all set up very different expectations for ourselves and how the world perceives us and how we are perceived by the world. I think there’s there’s sometimes a disconnect there. So when we create these be goals on what we want to be, I’m going to use the motherhood one because I think that’s a pretty pointed example there like perceptions of like what a good mother is to me is different than maybe what a good mother is to you than what is a good mother to like Suzy-Q, listening to the podcast. And so really trying to drill in to what that actually means to you, and what your definition of success is in that area. And how you feel about that, right? so incredibly powerful. On one hand, and then on the other hand, so you might get to this conclusion that hey, some of these be goals actually work against each other. And what is the priority? What is the ultimate be goal? What is the most important be goal here? That’s a really interesting idea too around this and why it’s so important to assign, like Wendy said, your be, do, action tasks. Is that what it is? I always get them confused,

Wendy Guth 17:26
Be, do, action and then go and then tasks and there’s you could even go farther, it’s just, it just sort of flows. It’s drilling down as deep as you can go to actually as deep as you want to go. So interesting, what you just said, because at times, with one on one coaching, you can obviously you can drill down further. And there are a couple questions that routinely come up. When we talk about goals. It’s so funny, because I think you just hit the nail on the head, which is, are there current activities or situations in your life that might conflict with enacting your goals? I have a goal that I want to do everything I can to be the best at my job. Yet, I also want to be the best I can as a mother. Sometimes those are conflicting. And it’s not always possible to juggle everything. I always like to think that priority really is just one thing. It’s hard to have priorities. You have priority at any moment. So it’s just makes me think that ultimately, and maybe this is just getting into the whole thing that as women, sorry to any men who are listening, but as women, I’ve always feel like we sort of second guess ourselves. What are other people possibly going to think? And I know that’s very important. It’s very important in my house, it’s very important in my world. It’s very important. I spend a good bit of time thinking what will Ashley and Krystal think of this? And I do? And it’s a combination of because I value what you have to say. But it’s also it’s that little second guessing in my head, that I don’t necessarily, sometimes we’re kind of I don’t know that we’re wired that way but we’re taught that way.

Krystal Eicher 19:23
Yeah, Ithink that that’s true. I think that again, it comes back to that conflict between your perception of self and the world’s perception of you. And sometimes those don’t always mesh up. And so when we create these goals for ourselves or these expectations for ourselves or what do we want to be? Really taking the time to dig down and make sure that it’s in alignment with what you actually want to be not just what you think the world wants of you. And then when those priorities do come in conflict, and they will. It’s interesting because Brene Brown does a similar exercise, for values exercise. And we did it as part of KTA, when you ask somebody, what do you value? They might give you a list of 30 things. And I said, Okay, well not you need to really just take three. Yeah, you really, three, if you can narrow down to two, one even better when you look at that list of all the values that could be out there, courage, curiosity, wholeheartedness, leadership, kindness, gratitude. There are all these things, that that you’re like, Oh, I want to be this. And I want to be this and I want to be this and I want to be this, I want to be this. We only have so much bandwidth.

Wendy Guth 20:34
Well, and it’s interesting, because it’s not also necessarily what you aspire to be. It’s what are those core values that you really are? And you’ve done the values in action exercise, where you answer questions, and they actually tell you what your values are. And they bring it back. And you’re kind of like, Oh, that’s really interesting. It’s also interesting, when you’re being told what you are, rather than you’re picking from a list. There’s so much out there, oh, it’s like an over abundance of tools that can help us. But deep down, it’s just I wish that we listened to our gut more, listened to having a community that allows us to share openly and honestly. These are such incredibly important. Like, I’m very lucky. I mean, I have Ashley and Krystal. And I wish I could share them with everybody. But that would leave less for me. So

Krystal Eicher 21:47
I don’t want to be shared with everybody I feel exhausted. But what’s cool about this exercise, again, is when you do break it down into the micro and you see all the tasks that you need to do to achieve your be goals to achieve that higher level of what you want to be. Really, for me anyway, when we first did this exercise, I kind of made the joke. She said, Okay, list out your be goals. And you know, you list out like 10 things that I wanted to be. She said, Okay, now for each be goal, you need to cite three do’s and for each do three tasks. And it felt very quickly, like the ice breaker toilet paper exercise. Have you ever been in the room when they pass around the toilet paper and pull some toilet paper. And then oh, by the way you have for every square of toilet paper you pulled off, you had to share one thing about yourself. So the people that got in really ambitious and pulled like 20 squares versus the person who did one got really screwed in the icebreaker conversation. And that’s how I felt with these be goals. The first time that I did them was okay, I did too many. I did too many and some of them have to go. Because the reality of it is we only have so much time during the day. One has to have bigger priority over another. It’s true in all things and not just in your be goals and in your business and your purpose driven profit exercises. But in your marketing strategy, in your business plan. You cannot as an entrepreneur starting out especially do and be all the things to all people. Something has to win.

Wendy Guth 23:26
Oh, that is absolutely so true. That is so so so true. And it’s really knowing when the right time is for any of those and for things happen.

Krystal Eicher 23:40
I love that because I saw something the other day it says you can have it all just not at the same time.

Wendy Guth 23:45
Exactly. It’s fun we do this wheel of life. There’s 10 different buckets in your life. Probably if I look at it, my purpose involves probably all 10 buckets, but not at any given time. It’s just not humanly possible for us to do everything. It’s also I think there’s there’s a comfort. I don’t know if you feel this way. But there’s a comfort in knowing for me that I have a purpose that I will more than happy have on my headstone. Not right now but someday. It allows me the flexibility, maybe that’s the right word, to shift and pivot and shimmy and do whatever it takes to make this pandemic and this time, I guess as least painful as possible.

Krystal Eicher 24:39
Well, there’s power in boundaries, and there’s power in, like you said, knowing that you are fulfilling a purpose. It’s just not all of your purposes all at the same time. There was something incredibly freeing about the permission to say no or not achieve or not do certain things in certain areas, because I was fulfilling my purpose in other areas.

Wendy Guth 25:07
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, I like that. And there is power. And the power can also be I know what’s best for me. I know what I can control in my world, actually, the power is in saying, I trust the decisions that I make.

Oh, I think we’re gonna end it there.

With this wonderful meandering experience, I appreciate that.

Krystal Eicher 25:38
Well, I appreciate all meandering experiences and conversations that you and I have. Alright guys, until next week, tune in. But join us in travel agent training and mentorship. And we would love to know if you’ve done any purpose exercises if you have any idea on how to drill down on that. If you’re struggling course, in KTA we have this amazing workshop available to all our members to work through this process with Wendy. But until next time, enjoy your purpose and enjoy drilling down and we’ll see you soon.

Hey, guys, thanks for listening. We hope you got something great on today’s episode. If you were wondering where you are out of balance in your travel business take our free quiz at Kinship Travel Academy.com/quiz to find out and receive free resources to help bring you into alignment in your travel business. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, take a screenshot and share it on social media. Be sure to tag us at Kinship Travel Academy or #TravelBizCEO. Also, if you loved us, don’t forget to leave a review and be sure to hit subscribe. Here’s to you. See you at the next level.

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