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Travel Biz CEO Podcast: Spotlight on Courtnie Nichols

Travel Biz CEO Podcast is excited for this week’s episode.

We have a special spotlight on standout KTA CEO Member and all around badass travel advisor Courtnie Nichols, CEO of Travel Bash.  

When Courtnie joined KTA we were immediately blown away by her brilliance. She truly embraced the role of CEO from day one and moved quickly to outsource the mechanics of her business so she can fully execute the long term vision of her company. We immediately knew she needed to be a guest on the podcast. 

In this episode, Courtnie walks us through how she got started in the industry, breaks down the business model that she operates and the divisions of travel that fall under her corporate umbrella.    

Along with being a certified travel advisor and creating two successful travel brands, Courtnie has worked with dozens of travel professionals to help build bridges between industry leaders and People of Color so that together they can create a world where Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) travelers are respectfully and accurately represented in the travel space. 

After years as an ambitious fundraiser, her love for travel, unique connections, and reputation for always knowing the next hot destination grew into a dream of delivering exclusive, fun, and immersive experiences for savvy travelers like herself. 

She took her first solo flight at age ten—and hasn’t stopped traveling since. Courtnie has lived in Europe and explored nearly every continent. As a certified travel advisor, event planner, and natural connector, she uses her unique combination of superpowers to create VIP experiences and advocate for a more inclusive travel environment for people of color. 

When she’s not on the road, she makes her home in Gainesville, Florida, where her husband, Darris, coaches college basketball. You can usually find her court side or at happy hour when she’s not speaking at a travel conference, planning a trip around the world, or consulting for destinations looking to attract a more diverse clientele of cultured travelers.

You can learn more about Courtnie by visiting the following: Travel Bash, TRvLB Club, and Compass Collective.

You can also read more about Courtnie’s work on Diversity and Inclusion in the Travel Industry here.

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