Blog Title: Taking Clients from Quote to Close
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Travel Biz CEO: Taking Your Clients from Quote to Close

Have you ever sent out a quote or a proposal and then….crickets?

Yep! We all have.

A lot of training we receive when we enter the industry is very supplier centric. Very little is done on sales. And when you mention the word “sales” many agents cringe. It feels unnatural or yucky. But if you don’t have a solid sales process then you will always struggle to grow your travel business. That is why we are so lucky to invite Dana Zificsak to the podcast.

In her 8 years as a travel agent, Dana has booked thousands of vacations for clients and developed and delivered training programs for travel professionals. A teacher at heart, prior to joining the travel industry, she taught Spanish for 10 years. Just like how she used to break down the Spanish language for her students, she breaks down the language of sales and marketing so agents can close more bookings. She teaches a step-by-step quoting and closing process to help you close more sales.

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Transcription of today’s show below:

Krystal Eicher 0:00
Because it’s not just enough to purvey pretty pictures online. It’s not just enough to show the product. We have to sell the product and we have to sell more specifically our brand, and our services in purveying the product.

Hey, travel advisors, you’re listening to the Travel Biz CEO podcast by Kinship Travel Academy. It’s not enough to just love travel. You need to have the appropriate business systems, marketing strategies and mindset tuneups and coaching to make it in this business and step into the role of CEO. That’s why we focus on all three. We are Wendy, Ashley and Krystal, your host of Travel Biz CEO and the founders of Kinship Travel Academy. We are three travel advisors that saw a glaring need in the travel industry, the need to look at the whole advisor. Through our own travel business journeys we all join communities and signed up for courses and Masterminds to help push us to the next level and all of them ended up falling short of our expectations. That’s why we started Kinship Travel Academy, where we focus on the mind, body and soul or the marketing, business operations and mindset of the Travel Advisor. It’s a program for modern travel advisors created by modern travel advisors. Welcome to the next chapter of the travel industry.

Hey everybody, Krystal here. I am joined by Dana, who has become a very lovely friend and a travel industry colleague. We’re here today to talk about how to take your quotes from just a quote to sales. How many of us have sent out quotes over the years doing this? And what you hear back is what crickets it’s the worst? Like, what the heck, where did they go? They just ghosted me and they wasted all my time and we get super frustrated. So before we go any further, Dana, say hi, introduce yourself.

Dana Zificsak 2:12
Hi, my name is Dana Zificsak. I have been in the travel industry for eight years. I’ve been an independent contractor for multiple agency, a couple agencies. I’ve also spent time training new agents. Now I have a business where I actually teach agents how to learn the marketing and sales language to convert their followers and their potential clients into client. I was a Spanish teacher before I was a travel agent. So it’s a nice melding of the two professions, I get to teach again and it’s also breaking down language. Which is what I spent 10 years of my life doing.

Krystal Eicher 2:51
So I always heard, it was like if you have the heart of a teacher, you have the patience and the ability to break things down and explain things in such a way that other people can understand. Because I think a lot of the industry education out there and I’m using air quotes, she and I are on zoom right now. So she can see if you can a lot of the industry education out there tells you all the things you should do. But the taking that extra step to break it down and say what does that mean? And how do we get there. And this is the way in which we need to use to make it happen is just a really special thing.

Dana Zificsak 3:24
I think a lot of our training is so supplier centric.

Krystal Eicher 3:28

Dana Zificsak 3:28
When you sign on as an agent, it’s like do the supplier training, do the supplier training, you need to get into the portal. Unless you have a business background or unless you have a background in marketing everything else is kind of just winging it. I was winging it for years and then I started figuring out what I was doing right. And then that’s how I trained other people. Someone said to me, I guess it was a while ago said, well, marketing is a language. It’s like, yes, it is. I realized, yes, there’s a language to how we can market and engage with people and not be that car salesman. Or to make sure that we are communicating that booking with us is different than booking with Orbitz or booking online. There’s a difference between what I know and what the algorithm knows or what a computer knows,

Krystal Eicher 4:15
Right, ecause you’re not just a booking agent that’s doing a search to try and find the room you’re advising on the right fit. All the processes that go along with it. It’s an actual service. And I think people forget that, that you actually are a service provider and not a booking agent. Yeah, you’re right. When people sign into this industry, and we’re sold Oh, you love travel, you should just sell travel. We forget that there’s this whole other side of it to running a business including actually bringing people into the business. How do you make the sales to grow your client list? How do you market your business? It’s all of these things that are missing. What I love is – so Dana teaches the step by step quoting and closing process in her program. She runs a, and we’re gonna link all this in the show notes, but she runs a Facebook group called Stop Missing Out on Travel Sales, she runs all these things and actually talks about the language that you can use to ask for the sale because it’s not just enough to purvey pretty pictures online. It’s not just enough to show the product, we have to sell the product. And we have to sell more specifically, our brand. And our services in purveying the product. That’s not taught enough in our industry.

Dana Zificsak 5:32
This is a little bit off of talking about the sales strategies, but also something I see a lot is, especially right now with the post COVID suppliers are giving us so much, you know, we’re getting opportunities to go and experience destinations I, you know, I follow a lot of traveling agents.

Krystal Eicher 5:49

Dana Zificsak 5:49
A lot of travel agents, and I love them all dearly. But there’s a way of using these events to build business or to build an influencer status. We need to build a business, not the influencers. People are writing Oh, look at me, I’m you know, on this cruise, well, what is you being on the cruise how does that help your client? So we have to think and like, you know, that’s why we have a personal busines, a personal Facebook page, you post all the pictures you want, you can make your friends jealous. But like on the business group or on the business page, it needs to be phrased in a way that the client can see why this is benefiting them.

Krystal Eicher 6:27

Dana Zificsak 6:29
That’s another thing I like to teach is how to make your experiences turn into booking, not just people saying I want to be an agent.

Krystal Eicher 6:37
No, you’re right. I think a lot of people think oh, you’re a travel agent, you get to like travel for free, which sometimes is the case. But also all the free travel in the world that suppliers give you are not going to make you have a profitable business. And at the end of the day, we all want profitable businesses. So I always tell members, you need to answer the question so what? So what? Take it to the next step connect the dots for your audience because they won’t naturally connect it on their own.

Dana Zificsak 7:06
No, you get less than three seconds for someone to really be affected by anything you post. If it’s not in the first couple words or Oh, she’s just posting from the beach again. Lucky her.

Krystal Eicher 7:18
Yeah. Nice. How many times have we heard that? Must be nice.

Dana Zificsak 7:23
That’s a whole nother, whole nother,

Krystal Eicher 7:25
Another podcast we’re gonna have.

Dana Zificsak 7:27
I know that really is, that really is. Today I wanted to talk about the three things that agents do that make them miss out on sales, like my group is missing out on sale, three things we do in the sales process. And it goes back to us starting in the industry. Nobody tells you this is how you do it. I remember my very first client was one of my neighbors. This just tells you how I, my business and my personality. A friend of mine, and one of my neighbors, she posted on Facebook that she saw this Groupon deal for Jamaica, me I had literally just signed my contract like two days before. I had no idea anything about Jamaica. I was like I told her I said this is a scam. This is not a scam. But I said this doesn’t look very nice. Like you know you pay for what you get when you go to another country. So I got her to book with a with a different resort well, and booked with me, but I just called it out. And I said, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I had no idea when I went to book I was like what do I have to do? There’s no training for it. There’s no there was no there just wasn’t fit, but I’ll never forget I was like, you can’t you can’t book that. Let me take care of you. And I knew I could service her better than Groupon. But again, it was going by instinct. There was no there was no manual. There was no guide book. There was just here. Here’s your contract here your log, here’s your login for Vax, have fun and that’s how a lot of us, certinaly now some agencies have great onboarding and great training taught everywhere a lot and totally now, a lot of agencies now are offering it. That’s amazing. So many are still just thrown to the wolves, especially the sales with the sales process. Well the first area where a lot of agents I think skip or they don’t do enough of is qualify, qualifying a new client, qualifying a lead. A lead can come in the form of a direct message, a text message, an email, a quote request form, an inquiry form all these things. If you get an a lead like that, don’t you dare make a quote. Don’t you dare. Even if you have dates, and ages and dates of birth, don’t go to a quote yet. Do not because you’re skipping a step you have to qualify. Qualifying means that you are getting down to the experience you want your client to have on resort. Like for example, if you are selling a Beaches resort, I’m going to use this example from my son. So if you’re selling a resort that has different levels of service, they have the butler level, theyhe entry level, you’re there and you know, of course, there’s different views and everything. If you’re there, and your clients there, and they see that, oh, there’s these resorts, these rooms right on the beach, and they have a butler bringing them stuff. How come? How do we get into that? And they’re in this entry level group. So in a week, in two weeks, we’re going to be in Turks and Caicos and I got, I’m going for a FAM. But my husband and son are coming along as well. So I booked them their own entry level room, because with the FAM, I couldn’t bring guests, so I just booked them their own rooms that way, you know, everybody, you know, everybody’s legit. Now, I told them, I said, you’re having your own vacation. I’m working the first three days, you’re not gonna see me. My son goes to me he’s like, you’re not gonna see us.

Krystal Eicher 7:39
Good for him.

Dana Zificsak 8:55
He’s like, entry level room does that mean the cheapest room? I said, yeah, he’s like, our view is gonna.

Krystal Eicher 10:53
He’s not wrong.

Unknown Speaker 10:55
He’s not wrong. But I said, child, you’re going to Turks and Caicos.

Krystal Eicher 10:59
And you’re not wrong. Yeah.

Dana Zificsak 11:01
But that’s, that’s how, but see, he’s a child, he’s nine. I’ve been doing this since he was in diapers. So he has grown up with me in the travel agents in the travel business. So he knows entry level means they have view, it means no butler means all those things. Our clients know, they just see a price. They don’t know what that experience is. Yes, they don’t have the benefit of having a mom who works in the travel industry and knowing different things. Our clients are coming into this blind, and not until they get on property. If you’re just giving them the lowest price they get there, they get to Turks and Caicos and they see the beach butler’s and like, wait a second, where’s our butler? Dana, where’s our butler?

Krystal Eicher 11:47
And then they miss out on an experience. You guys FOMO is a real thing on vacation. Like people really don’t want to be left out of the experience. But they didn’t know it was an option.

Dana Zificsak 12:00

Krystal Eicher 12:00
A lot of times people will assume those options to upgrade are so beyond their budget or their price range, because a lot of us will think butler service and they’ll think, Oh, that’s a 20 grand vacation. My budget won’t even allow for that. But we know better. And we know and we have the ability to give people what they not just what they want, but also what they need and what they are really desiring and are looking for.

Dana Zificsak 12:24
Yeah, a lot of times they’ll upgrade on property. Like they’ll see it and they’ll upgrade how much loss commission is that for me? That’s a lot of loss commission. That’s why this qualifying process, before you even issue a quote before you do anything, it’s so important to take the time on the phone. Now, I know a lot of clients right now we’re not phone people, much prefer text or email, go back and forth on email. I prefer email over text, because then I have a documentation trail. But sometimes you just have to do this. Sometimes you just have to do what they want to do because that’s just how how it is. Ask those questions. You have to educate them on what the resort is like, or where they want to go is like. Then pull in hey do they want this? Do they want that? Do they want, ould you prefer a room that is larger, but has a garden view? Or a smaller room but it has an ocean view? What kind of view do you want? Cuz sometimes people are like, I don’t really care about the view until they get there. And then they’re like, why is my view this this dumpster? I’m like, well, because you’ve chose the standard view. That’s what the standard view is.

Krystal Eicher 12:25

Dana Zificsak 13:31
And I even in my quotes, too, I even put View, Standard View equals parking lot view equals it’s the view that nobody wants nobody requests. It’s the lowest price. So if you don’t care, then that’s one thing. But tell me if you care about this.

Krystal Eicher 13:49
And some people will and some people won’t. There’s different priorities.

Dana Zificsak 13:52
Oh yeah, absolutely.

Krystal Eicher 13:53
Across the board. And I think that asking that question, and really understanding it – It’s funny because my husband and I booked an Alaska cruise next year, we’re doing a Disney cruise with the kids. And we actually had this argument is the view important? And we like went back and forth.

Dana Zificsak 14:07
Oh it is in Alaska.

Krystal Eicher 14:08
And that’s what I told him. I said, I really think in Alaska in particular, because we’ve done Disney cruises but we’ve done inside cabins because the view wasn’t as important we spent most of the time out of the room. And so it was like a really like serious conversation back and forth of does the view matter this time? Does it not? I was telling you the story of I just hired a Disney agent to plan our family Disney vacation and she was asking me the questions of what’s more important the room or your experiences because a lot of people give us an overall budget of 8000 10,000 7000 6000 You know, whatever it is. Well, you and I all know that that we have to work within a budget. That’s their entire budget. But one, people don’t know what things cost usually. I certainly didn’t when it came to planning this Disney trip. I have no idea where to even begin to budget for a Disney World trip for a family of four. So that’s one thing that we have to educate people on a realistic budget and help set those expectations because people are willing to usually bump if they know that the possibility for more is there or they know that that their particular budget won’t get them that far.

Or they have to modify the number of days say you put in a quote request for your Disney trip, somebody just acted like computer gave you a quote right back like didn’t, didn’t qualify you at all just gave you some random option if one of the options was $12,000 you’re like, I can’t afford Disney goodbye.

But and to really be able to ask the question and what I love so much about this agent was she actually asked the question she goes, what’s more important Krystal? Is it your room? Is it the pools because we told her we wanted to do like just a day relaxing in between because I got two small kids and going hard multiple days in a row sounds terrible to me. Because well, what’s more important the pool or the the food or the experiences, you know, to be able to like pay to do extra things on property like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. By the way, guys, I don’t even know all the things I didn’t know about Disney. Can I just throw that out there?

Dana Zificsak 15:45
It’s a little scary. It’s scary.

Krystal Eicher 16:13
Yeah, you all Disney agents don’t even charge enough for all the knowledge that you guys know about. But, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And to walk me through all of that and educate me about, you could work in this budget, it would put you in this property. But I actually think based on everything that you’ve told me today, this is a better fit for you. And this is why these are two other options. And it’s gonna push you a little bit beyond your budget. Man, she upsold me.

Dana Zificsak 16:41
But she was listening to what you wanted.

Krystal Eicher 16:43
Yeah. Yeah. Before I knew it, I had increased my budget by like $1,500 without even blinking an eye. Because I didn’t even know that was an option tome.

Dana Zificsak 16:54
Oh, yeah.

Krystal Eicher 16:55
To be a to do…

Dana Zificsak 16:56
That’s why the budget question is such a loaded question. I don’t even have it on my request form. Somebody is just picking a number. And if they have a hard budget, they will make it known that they have a hard budget. But if somebody is just looking and curious, because they don’t know what a Disney Vacation entails, that’s a big thing. Definitely qualifying is so important and it’s something that a lot of agents skip over. The reason why people don’t book with them, a lot of people say, well, people say they can just book it online why would they book with me? Well, if you’re just doing the exact same thing that the algorithm or the machine, if the machine… how old so I sound?

The machines.

Yeah, the machine. But you know, magical website. If you’re only doing that you’re not asking them questions that will get them into what they want, then why would they book with you. And that’s a hard thing to say because you want to show them that you’re valuable, and that your knowledge is valuable. But if you’re just spitting things back at them, numbers and rooms and categories and all that without any sort of context or any sort of education, they’re going to book on their own because they’re like, well, okay, why am I going to get this stranger my credit card? Alright, that’s qualifying. So then we go over to following up. I know these statistics shock you and I have to say I didn’t make up these. I have, there’s this article called Tenacity Results in Sales by Robert Clay of Marketing Wizdom W I Z D O M. So this is an article, I have it printed out in front of me, because I can’t remember numbers, he says the different studies carried out at different times, different places, by different…so he’s, you know, he’s doing like an overall summary. It’s not like just one study or that study. I’m married to a medicinal chemist so like when I reference statistics, and studies, I have to give my sources like, well, this isn’t one study, but Oh, yeah.

Krystal Eicher 18:54
Um I love that actually.

Dana Zificsak 18:56
Where’s the peer review? Where’s the peer reviewed research? Take this as just somebody who’s observed, okay. 80% of non routine sales occur only after at least five follow ups, five follow ups. How many times? Are you following up with your people?

Krystal Eicher 19:15
Oh, definitely not, not enough, if it’s five,

Dana Zificsak 19:18
I didn’t know this when I started. I mean, I maybe remembered to follow up once. Maybe, maybe. But they had the quote if they wanted to book, they could come back. I stopped to think how many more clients would I have if I did this earlier? Like I’m very fortunate. I have lots of lots of clients. So I’m happy but I’m like, Man, where would I be if I implemented this eight years ago?

Krystal Eicher 19:44
I’m collectively feeling the cringe of listeners right now at that thought. So you know, guys, it’s okay. From here forward five touchpoints. Five touchpoints.

Dana Zificsak 19:53
Now, here’s the statistics that he goes on to review. Again, not peer reviewed and not from an official study, but we’re gonna just go with the statistics here. 44% of sales people give up after one no. 44% Give up after one no, that’s almost half. 22% give up after two no’s. 12% give up after four no’s. So that’s 92% altogether. 14% also give up three no’s. But numbers all go together. But 92% of salespeople give up after four no’s. That leaves 8%, 8% of people go the extra mile.

Krystal Eicher 20:26
That puts into good context, because I think the number one thing I hear from agents is I need more clients. But if only 8%, in general, of sales people are following up appropriately to take that across the finish line. No wonder we’re all…

Dana Zificsak 20:42
No wonder Yep, goes back to we weren’t trained. We weren’t told this stuff.

Krystal Eicher 20:48
Suppliers don’t mention that in their training about the room categories.

Dana Zificsak 20:51
No, they don’t. No they just want you to know what this category is. And nothing, we do need to know those things. We do need to know these things. But we need to know these things too. 8% ask for the order a fifth time. So consider that 80% of prospects say no four times before they say yes, the inference is that 8% of sales people are getting 80% of the sales. So are you if you’re listening, are you in that 8% getting 80% of the sales? Having a follow up system is really… it’s a commitment to get it started. But then once you have it set up, it runs itself if you have it set up correctly.

Krystal Eicher 21:27
And you have it set up automatically in your business, correct?

Dana Zificsak 21:30
I do I use Air Table, which is it’s like a spreadsheet thing. I don’t know, somebody shared it with me. And I really liked it. My CRM for my host agency probably could do it. But it doesn’t talk well with Macs and I have a Mac, so I just gave up on that. But I think most people’s host agencies have a CRM that will do this for you, you just have to take the time to put the information in. I put in the date that I issued the quote, and then I have it set up this many days, send this email, this many days send this email, it’s an automatic thing, I just have to remember to put it in the Air Table or you know, I know many CRMs have this ability.

Krystal Eicher 22:09
Because we use we use Funnel Gorgeous. So it would be a matter of like we drop them into a workflow that sends an email on day one, wait, if they don’t respond, then send another one. TravelJoy gives you guys this option. If you guys set it up on your task list, you can put reminders to send out an email and you could create an email to your autoresponder that’s a whole other thing.

Dana Zificsak 22:30
That’s a whole other training setting it up.

Krystal Eicher 22:32
Because, because if you can systemize it one, it’s just it’s a great way to be part of that 8%. But without getting stressed up and doing all the extra work. And that’s why systemising those things is so important.

Dana Zificsak 22:45
That was the key for me to being able to follow through on this because I am not going to… no matter how many reminders I set or anything like that. I am personally not going to but setting up the system is a whole nother training, right?

Krystal Eicher 22:59
That’s podcast return number three, that we’ve got you tagged for Dana.

Dana Zificsak 23:02
I have to put them into the confirmed category after they book. If not, they still get the emails and I’ve learned the lesson the hard way. Like the next day someone’s like, your hold is expiring they’re Dana I deposit. Oops, sorry.

Krystal Eicher 23:19
We need to move you down the pipeline.

Yep make sure that you are you know, and you confirm them, you also confirm them in that because then they get these scary emails. I’m like, yes, my system works too well. But we’re like, you know, wait, I thought we I thought I already deposited this and they’re all confused. And I’m like, oh, gosh, okay, Dana pay attention. But the thing is, the follow up strategy is something that you really do need to look at. I know for me, I have closed more sales using this strategy in the past couple of months, because I just learned about this maybe in May. I knew that following up was important. You know, the sales are in the follow up this whole, you know, the five no’s and things like that. I was like, wow, I really need to, I really need to test this and this is what I it’s so funny. I tell my husband and husband who is an actual scientist. I’m like I experiment with sales and marketing. I am an experimenter. He just rolls his eyes. I am not you know I’m not scientific or mathematical but…

I call it ABT. I call it ABT always be testing.

Dana Zificsak 24:29
Yes, we’re always testing things out. And so I think playing with words and language and that’s what I do. It’s like I’ve come up with these like magic phrases like the one is my second follow up, which is when the hold is expiring. So depending on the supplier, it might be you know, three days, seven days or whatever the whatever the supplier is, but I have it set up where it says Hi, Krystal, I wanted to let you know your hold is expiring today. Would you like to confirm your room or should I let it go? Well, if you have crickets, I’d highly recommend that phrase, should we deposit your room? Or should I let it go? People always respond like, either oh, yes, I’m going to put my deposit through or Oh, no, we haven’t decided yet you can let it go. That is like the magic phrase. If you put that in there on the day, it’s expiring. I don’t know it gets people to respond. At least it gives you an idea of where they are. Some people aren’t ready to confirm. But also it’s like, oh, well, this room is expiring. And I also put some little thing in like any pricing we confirmed will have to be repriced. So if somebody is wanting to get that room, they’ll deposit it. If not, and but a lot of times, they still respond, which solves the crickets problem, because a lot of times we put out quotes, and then we don’t hear anything back. Did they get my quote?

Krystal Eicher 25:44
And what that language does, go back to that how language is so important. And there is a language to marketing and sales. There is a sense of urgency that needs to be a part of all of our formulas. Now, urgency gets a bad rap sometimes, because sometimes businesses like there’s like false senses of urgency, and there’s made up senses of urgency, but everybody needs a reason to act now. Because if any of us has the opportunity to put it off until later, we will. We will sorry, we just procrastinate and things we get busy, we get tied up with kids and our families and our lives and our million other clients and the million other things we have to do with our own businesses. It’s the same for your clients. So being able to create that. I just thought of that when he said that that little sense of urgency gives a call to action to act now. Before it’s too late. It’s not a false sense of urgency. It’s not a yucky sales tactic and say, hey, this is this is important.

Dana Zificsak 26:40
I put this hold on for you. Yeah, I put this hold on for you. It’s gonna expire. wanted to let you know, sense of urgency. And also it’s something that belongs to them. It’s like right now that’s their room.

Krystal Eicher 26:49

Dana Zificsak 26:51
But if we let it go, might not be your room. Even though we know, you know, there might be plenty of rooms, but I put this on hold for you.

Krystal Eicher 26:59

Dana Zificsak 26:59
But sometimes it might be the only room, Like the past couple of months inventory and things like that sometimes it was the last room. I mean, you know, it’s like, no, you have to deposit this or you won’t get it.

Krystal Eicher 27:12
I know I don’t think actually if I go back to that same Disney qualifying call that got me to put down the deposit right there on the call, like, oh, actually, this is like the other the other lower category is not even available. It’s all booked up. So you might want to just grab this before, before it’s too late. But yes, please look me in that category.

Dana Zificsak 27:32
That is a very real issue right now, because there’s a lot of demand and not a lot of supply at hotels, resorts, because they’re still short staffed, so they can’t fill to capacity, even if they want to. So really, it’s an issue we are seeing on our side. Our clients don’t know that. I mean, they it’s true, it makes sense to them when you explain it.

Krystal Eicher 27:55
But they’re, you’re right. They don’t know that because I had somebody actually call me the other day because they were working with an agent and they got a quote. And they said this feels high to me. And I took a look at it and I go actually I think they really great deal. Because the reality is that currently inventory is low demand is high. Nobody knows all the things we know that we take for granted regularly,

Dana Zificsak 28:19
You have to take yourself out of the agent role and think of yourself as a client. And that’s hard for us because we live in our echo chambers, because we’re in all the travel agent groups on social media, and then we follow all the travel people. So it’s like, it’s all we see. That’s not what our clients are seeing. They’re, you know, blissfully unaware mostly.

Krystal Eicher 28:41

Dana Zificsak 28:42
So following up and then the last part is closing. Like I said, in my emails, I say, here’s how you deposit, that’s a call to action. It’s a call to close. But a lot of people don’t want to ask for that sale. And that’s a lot of mindset with that. It’s a lot of fear that someone’s going to say no, you fear that, you know, oh, I’m not good enough. I’m bothering them. There’s a lot of these negative things that we have going in our heads and actually a really good book because it’s completely off topic but John Acuff Soundtracks is about this and I’m reading it right now. It’s excellent, because it’s about those things we keep telling ourselves over and over again, it’s like a soundtrack in our head. You know, a very common soundtrack to travel agents have is I’m bothering them, you know, I don’t want to I don’t want them to think I’m aggressive or I don’t want them to say no. Like Babe Ruth says, don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing in the game. You have to, like in baseball, you have to go up and you have to swing you’re going to strike out more times then you’re going to hit a home run. But for that one home run, a lot of striking out to do and that’s how it isn’t sales. We are going to be told no over and over and over again. If you’re not being told at least five times a week. You need to be asking for the sale more, because not everybody sent me that magical unicorn client that tells you exactly what they want and what they want. They don’t do that there are the unicorns, and we love them because they make life a lot easier. But we don’t have all the unicorns. We have people who have lives, and they’re not quite sure what they want. It’s a whole lot of patience, a whole lot of waiting. But a whole lot of asking, too, and making sure and that kind of the closing goes in with the following up, because you are inviting them to both to make the next step. Because if you follow up, you don’t tell them how to book well, then that kind of defeats the purpose of following up a little bit, it can still respond back, but you have to be explicit, you have to give them the instructions of how to take the next step, people are not going to assume nobody will infer anything from anyone, we have way too much going on in our heads, nobody is going to read your mind, we have to give them the instructions. And even though you gave them the instructions, in the quote, they don’t remember, they can’t find the quote,

Krystal Eicher 30:58
They didn’t read it. They didn’t read it. They didn’t read it.

Dana Zificsak 31:02
You know, you can even copy and paste from the message they’re replying to and say, here’s how you deposit. Just leave it, you have to do things over and over again. And it’s not because you’re being an aggressive salesperson. It’s not that it’s just that people are so busy and so preoccupied, that they forget, or they don’t read the whole email, how many people have a friend that don’t read any of the emails, and they just rely on you to have all the information because I don’t read that I don’t read emails.

Krystal Eicher 31:31
The best example is I was I was actually doing a handoff for a client, I had an inquiry not a good fit. And I said, you know, I’ve got another agent friend, great fit for you. I really think they’re going to take so much better care of you. So I do the email to do the handoff, my agent friend responds to the client says, I cannot wait to work with you. I have all these destination weddings going out this week. So I but let’s schedule time next Monday. And he replies back I can’t wait to work with you. Let’s get something on the books this week. My agent friend laughs she goes clearly reading, reading is his strong suit. And I said it’s not a but it’s not just that that’s so normal. You guys, normally there are only halfway paying attention. There’s assumptions on what you’re gonna say. And so many people have never worked with a travel agent before. You don’t know how this works.

Dana Zificsak 32:19
And you need to have patience. This is a long game.

Krystal Eicher 32:23

Dana Zificsak 32:23
It is not for the weak of heart.

Krystal Eicher 32:26

Dana Zificsak 32:26
You know, like you have to do things that are going to scare you because those are the things that are going to bring you to the next level. When you’re comfortable that means you’re not challenging yourself enough and you’re not going to grow. If something makes you a little scared, then that’s what you have to do. Because that little feeling in your stomach that you know gives you a little anxiety. That’s the good anxiety that makes you grow. Yeah, anxiety isn’t all bad. And fear isn’t all bad. But you have to do those things that scare you. And take a deep breath and just do it. Yeah, like going live on Facebook. I mean, that’s a whole nother marketing thing. You have to be able to talk to no one no one is showing up. In order to have 20 people on your next one, you have to start somewhere and you have to ask for the sale. You have to get told no five times before they’ll say yes. And it’s not anything against you. I think that’s another thing. We take things personally, Oh, I must have said something wrong or oh, you know, I might have offended that. No, it really is people have so much going on in their lives. Like with the school picture form. It is sitting on the kitchen table. I know the picture date is November 11. I know I need to send that paper in. I want to get the pictures, I want to buy the pictures. I’m not avoiding it because I don’t want to buy them. It’s just I keep forgetting now I need a deadline. November 10th I’ll fill it out because I know it needs to go in the next day. But it’s just sitting there even though I could like you know, be all on top of things and have it all done and ready. But I still have until next Wednesday to do it, to get that also, it’s there. And that’s how clients are too they need a deadline.

Krystal Eicher 34:05
It’s true. It’s true. And they need to be invited to the next step. They need clear directions on where to go next, what the next steps are, how to work with you how this works going forward. And they need to be told over and over. You’re doing a Disney cruise for my mom’s 60th birthday. I don’t know how many times I have to tell her how to do the invoice, approve the invoice. Every time she has to approve an invoice we’re on the phone where I’m walking her through how to approve the invoice. It’s just part of it guys. It’s just part of it. My mom has the lowest common denominator like she is the average client. She is not super tech savvy. Paying invoices online is very new and different. Remember this this is not something that’s super intuitive and people are leery of doing that sort of stuff online because of all of the scammy things that are out there.

Dana Zificsak 34:55

Krystal Eicher 34:56
People who are in your world but never been a part of your world before. They are coming into this with a little bit of hesitation on putting credit card numbers online and how does this work?

Dana Zificsak 35:07

Krystal Eicher 35:08
Is right? So having clear processes stepped out in that closing part and just really helping bring it over line super valuable and important.

Dana Zificsak 35:17
Absolutely. Yeah.

Krystal Eicher 35:18
Well, I think that is a beautiful place to wrap it up. So like just remind everybody when you’re trying to bring that thing from quote to close, remember, qualify, follow up and close. Don’t forget to ask for the sale. Don’t forget to actually ask them for the next step. Dana, thank you. So, so much. OGh gosh, we love having it’s not gonna be the last time I have a feeling we are going to link in the show notes everywhere that you can find Dana, including her Guts, Grits, Goals program. Her Facebook group, all of the things that you do. Dana and I are really excited to be collaborating on a new project, the Travel Agent Business Bundle, which will be available on Black Friday, and there’s going to be a link to the waitlist for that. If you want more information there’s a link to that in the show notes. So Dana, thank you so much for joining us.

Dana Zificsak 36:15
You’re welcome. It’s been great talking sales. I can talk this all day.

Krystal Eicher 36:20
We probably would if we gave the opportunity. That’s why I think there’s going to be a multiple part to all of this. Oh, yeah. So I was taking notes. Like I need to have her back to talk about this and we should have about to talk about that. Thank you so much. All you listeners out there. Have an excellent week, go ask for the sale. Go follow up. Go follow up with your people today. That’s your homework. Bye, everyone.

Dana Zificsak 36:42
Bye bye.

Krystal Eicher 36:44
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