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Travel Biz CEO: To Be Political, or Not Political?

Today on the Travel Biz CEO: To espouse your politics as a business owner, or not?

With all of the events in 2020 from the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and so much more that led to the marches and riots in the summer of 2020 with Black Lives Matter, many businesses started to speak up and join the anti-racist movement (finally!).

But with that, also came a hot and heavy debate in the travel advisor community as to whether or not you should speak out on social media as a business owner. Several industry leaders were called out to “shut up” and be careful as a business owner because you don’t know who your base is.

So we waded into the conversation.

The biggest takeaway – your silence is open to interpretation. You can’t afford to be silent or ambiguous on certain issues anymore. And the more you espouse your values, the better alignment you will have with your audience. 


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