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What Travel Advisors Can Learn From Physarum Slime Mold

Last week I watched a National Geographic Documentary on Physarum Slime Mold.

(Yes. Even I have reached the point where I cannot binge watch another Grey’s Anatomy episode. It was time to branch out.)

In the spirit of “there are lessons in everything,” the entire show I really thought of how this applies to our industry and how it does in more than one way.

And no – I’m not comparing the travel advisors I love to slime mold, but, truly, there are some good takeaways here.

First, researchers that study physarum slime mold are wholly unapologetic about studying physarum. What’s more they REALLY geek out on physarum. Their faces light up at the thought of talking about physarum slime mold. Physarum slime mold is their ideal client. And they have found the sweet spot between where their interests are and what their ideal client is. It’s not enough to research just any slime mold. They find this particular slime mold interesting and exciting.

Travel advisors should be so bold as to find their version of physarum. You can’t niche down to just cruises, or just groups. That’s the equivalent of niching down to just mold. There are over 100,000 different types of mold known in the world. You could never successfully be an expert in all of them. But if you narrow down to just one type, you make a name for yourself.

Be bold. Focus down on just one ideal client. Likely, that client will share properties and traits with other types of clients out there that will bring them into your world. By focusing on just one, you find more clarity in your marketing strategy and your message.

Second, did you know that slime mold can learn?

Physarum slime mold uses its external memories to protect itself by leaving a slime trace so it never makes the same mistake twice. This, to me, was one of the most interesting parts of the documentary.

Our external memories protect us. They tell us where we have been and help us get out of the loop of making the same mistakes. Memories help us optimize our network and do something different.

Yet, fear keeps travel advisors in the same loop and same mistake patterns. Often times we try the same thing over and over again only to keep making the same mistakes. In this way, many never really learn how to optimize and do better.

Instead they do one of two things:

  • The begrudgingly trudge on, with very little heart in their business.
  • The give up all together and do nothing.

Both are fatal to the careers of a travel advisor.

What worked 20 years ago, will not work today for the modern advisor. We must be willing to adapt to our environment and change. We must also not be afraid to try new things and learn as we go to optimize our business to make it the most efficient it can be.

So for today I challenge you to be bold. If slime mold can branch out into new environments, so can you.

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