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Travel Biz CEO: What We Wish We Knew

What we wish we knew

It’s hard as an Entrepreneur to encourage the “What if?” Game.

Because so much of how we learn and how we grow is by making mistakes. 


There are still things we wish we knew and had done differently when we started. 

In this weeks Travel Agent CEO podcast we dive into those things. 

From taking more time to reflect on course purchases, to moving into action faster, to following our own intuition.  

In a nutshell, here is what we would do differently:

  • Followed our intuition.
  • Don’t get caught up in bright and shiny object syndrome. (SQUIRREL!) 
  • Moved into action faster.
  • Managed expectations  from the start. 
  • Not felt pressured to sell on day one.
  • Approach obstacles with a growth mindset. So much of what we do in entrepreneurship is testing until we find something until it works.
  • Make strategic decisions early on and learn to better separate the emotion from the decision making process.  

 Meet your podcast hosts:

Ashley, Krystal, and Wendy are the founders of Kinship Travel Academy and hosts of founders of kinship travel academy krystal, wendy, ashleyTravel Biz CEO. What started as a little bit of fun to help educate fellow colleagues in the travel industry, quickly morphed into a passion. Through their educational community of Kinship Travel Academy, Ashley, Krystal, and Wendy encourage entrepreneurs to embrace the role of CEO in their business by learning to balance their marketing, business systems, and mindset. You can learn more about them and their program here.

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